What am I up to NOW…

I am currently working on the following tasks:
  • Redesign of this site
  • Knitting a pair of socks
  • Working on Victoria Bathory’s blog
  • Knitting a brown sweater
Future tasks are:
  • Work on College Fund Herps – snake breeding site
  • Finalize new knit sweater pattern
  • Work on an Author’s blog: Tammy Teigland
  • Work on an Athletic Trainer’s App: Jacquelyne Bair
Recently Completed tasks are:
  • A Writer’s blog site: Alia Michelle Skowron
  • The Skillcrush Ruby on Rails Blueprint
  • The Skillcrush WordPress Blueprint
  • The Udemy WordPress Theme Development with Bootstrap
  • Launching this site
  • Finished the Skillcrush Front End Developer Blueprint
  • Finished a pair of knit socks for my aunt
  • Finished several crocheted “messy bun” hats
  • Finished several crocheted dish clothes and scrubbies
  • Finished spinning the alpaca/bamboo fiber on my spinning wheel