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Month: October 2016

Rabbit Holes – Learning Web Development

Last year I decided to refresh my web development skills and possibly learn new ones. In October I did a Ruby on Rails and a WordPress blueprints from Skillcrush.  I also found classes on Udemy, Codecademy, The Oden Project, and others.


Great classes and great active community.  It was great to have Office Hours and Google Groups to talk about the lessons.  Since I am an Alumni, I have access to their Slack channel.  The groups and topics there are awesome.


I have signed up for several different Udemy classes lol. Nothing like spreading myself thin in my learning of web development. With Udemy I have purchased 25+ classes, started 6 and completed 1 since I have signed up. They all look so interesting/good and different languages I think I want to learn – one day.


On Codecademy I have completed 7 courses so far. I have 2 that I am currently in progress of completing.  This site is a fun way to learn that walks you step-by-step through the topic you are learning.  It is browser based and no need for any other applications and can be done anywhere you have access to the internet.  Very handy while traveling or at the coffee shop.

The Oden Project

The Oden Project is a cool site. It isn’t a site with courses on it per say. It is more like a path to follow with links to certain places on the web to learn which includes courses on Codecademy for example. They are on the right track with this idea. Trying to give me as a “learner” a path to follow.


All these “sites” are good but, at least for me, can send you spiraling down a rabbit hole. The Oden Project tries to limit that but if I run into a snag and “google” to find an answer, the search results could send you all over the place. Read this link which then has a link to another place to read and so on. One night devoted to “coding” can quickly turn into a night of reading and surfing. Which can be good if you are learning but if you don’t reign in your searching, you could waste a whole night away.

If you are like me, and trying to learn/do coding in your free time (not your “day job”), a night wasted really cuts into your available time you give yourself for learning or doing. There has to be a better way.

Part of my problem is I jump from one course to another due to working on this project or that one.  I think of so many ideas, I get distracted on what my task at hand was to begin with.  I need to find a way to monitor my time, and distractions, to keep me on track of the project I am currently working on.

I’m feeling scatterbrained and a little lost.  I am going to try to create a Master To Do list and see if that helps me to at least prioritize what I want to accomplish.  I can also add items to it as I think of them instead of being distracted and ending up down the rabbit hole.  I can just add them to the list and forget about them until I’m ready to work on them.

I did a search for some type of template for a Master To Do list and found one on a site called Scattered Squirrel.  She has a lot of free printables that are pretty and functional.  I found one called, get this, Master To Do Lists.  lol  I printed it and saved the PDF for future uses.  My “To Do” for tonight is to write down all the things I am doing and want to do on the list and then prioritize it.

Wish me luck!